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Congratulations to Guangwei New Energy website for its launch

Shenzhen Guangwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic new energy asset management service provider, with the service concept of "technology-driven, data-empowered, safe and efficient", providing one-stop solutions for the operation of photovoltaic power plants in all scenarios, helping the national energy green transformation and the achievement of the "dual carbon" goal.

Guangwei operation and maintenance team, starting from the era of photovoltaic small and micro demonstration, engaged in photovoltaic operation and maintenance for several years, familiar with different application scenarios, different grid-connected types, different voltage levels of power station project operation and maintenance difficulties, pain points, undertake power station types include: renewable energy base, large ground, mountain, industrial and commercial distribution, household distribution, county distributed photovoltaic pilot projects, poverty alleviation power stations, agricultural photovoltaic complementation, fishery photovoltaic complementation, pasture-solar complementation, BIPV, various types of centralized and decentralized wind power projects, etc.

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