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Manage the platform
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For photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage and other new energy power stations, focus on the unified management of the whole process, full cycle and whole chain of power production, equipment assets and data asset management, and use intelligent Internet of Things (IOT) equipment to realize the collection, transmission and storage of cross-vendor and full-category data of power stations, and combine cloud computing, big data analysis and AI artificial intelligence and other technologies to innovate algorithms to realize the whole process tracking, digital recording, intelligent diagnosis, remote management, auxiliary decision-making and other functions of operation and maintenance services. Empower O&M management efficiency and increase the value of power station assets, and help maintain and increase the value of core power station assets.

service features:
Comprehensive and reliable
A set of systems to realize equipment operation status monitoring, equipment ledger management, operation and maintenance work tracking, data report analysis and other functions.
7*24 hours remote real-time monitoring to ensure the stable operation of the equipment around the clock.
Unified security policy, unified data management, to ensure data security and system stability and reliability.

Smart and efficient
Innovative data algorithm, the system realizes active inspection, intelligent diagnosis, automatic alarm, and shortens fault identification time.
It can be connected to intelligent dust detection, intelligent cleaning, intelligent drones and other systems to coordinate and manage various intelligent operation and maintenance technologies.
Multi-dimensional intelligent analysis of data provides O&M improvement direction to ensure power generation income.

Simple and convenient
According to the priority, different colors and multiple alarm levels are set, and the alarm response is clear at a glance.
One system, three-level deployment, can meet the needs of different port users for the use of the system.
According to the needs of decision management, a variety of chart templates and chart display methods are provided, and the retrieval and use are flexible.
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